We had some brilliant speakers, including:

Dr Wendy Jones on Chronic Illness and Breastfeeding

Doula Zoe Walsh on Fighting the Cuts to Breastfeeding Support

Circle Steele, CEO of the Wai Yin Chinese Society on Breastfeeding in Chinese Culture

Researcher and Blogger Zainab Yate on Breastfeeding With Aversion and Agitation

Midwife Alison Leyland on Antenatal Colostrum Banking for Women with Diabetes

Consultant Paediatrician Dr Victoria Thomas on Normal Duration Breastfeeding

Midwife Jenny Clarke on Skin to Skin in All Birth Settings

and Dr Amy Brown on Why Fed is Not Best

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On both days there were stalls and information stands, a soft play, and activities, in addition to the speakers in the main room.
This is a whole-family event, not a conference, but it represents amazing value for money for health professionals looking for learning and CPD as well.