Art exhibition by Jodie Silverman

Gemma and Leo small


“I was inspired to make a series of paintings and drawings on the theme of breastfeeding after reading several articles about women who had been asked to stop breastfeeding in public and had been subjected to negative comments or harassment. I felt for these women, and the idea that breastfeeding was something unsavoury that should be hidden from sight made me uncomfortable. After all we live in a society where we are constantly bombarded with images of scantily clad women, why was it okay to see breasts in the public sphere as long as they were sexualised? I wanted to help to normalise breastfeeding and help women to feel more confident and comfortable to breastfeed in public. I have enjoyed the process of meeting and photographing all the mothers who have been involved in this project and have learnt a great deal through the stories and insights they have shared with me”.


Poetry by Angela Topping.

Angela Topping

Angela is a poet. She is also an experienced teacher and holds Master’s degrees in English Literature and in Arts in Education. She leads workshops with all ages from nursery to elders, building confidence in their ability to write, tell stories and make books. She enjoys giving readings of her poems, and putting together performances and one woman shows.  Widely published, she has performed and been poet-in-residence in a wide range of venues such as schools, libraries, bookshops and hospices. In October 2013, she took up a residency in Gladstone’s Library, Hawarden.