Emma Simpson – bf welcome app

Emma is part of a team of researchers from Open Lab at Newcastle University, who have designed and built an app to search and review ‘breastfeeding welcome’ venues, as part of a research project. She’ll be telling us about the app and how it came about, as well as the research going on using it, and how we can get … Read More

Gillian Lund and Amanda Dunbar – Audit of Tongue Tie Procedures

  Gillian is a registered NHS midwife and tongue tie practitioner for City Hospitals Sunderland, and Amanda is an NHS peer supporter for City Hospitals Sunderland, as well as being a La Leche League Leader and IBCLC. In 2013 she was awarded Pam’s Prize for supporting breastfeeding women. Together they run Milk and Mums in Sunderland as a private practice … Read More

Dr Victoria Thomas – What Your Paediatrician Doesn’t Know Abut Breastfeeding

Dr Vicky Thomas is a consultant paediatrician at the Great North Children’s Hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne. A generalist at heart, she has developed an interest in growth and nutrition and is passionate about the role of breastfeeding in optimising child health. Vicky will be presenting “What Your Paediatrician Doesn’t Know About Breastfeeding” at the 2018 Festival, and also participating … Read More

Professor Helen Ball – Infant Sleep

Professor Helen Ball Anthropology Department, Parent-Infant Sleep Lab, & Infant Sleep Information Source (ISIS) Durham University, Durham, UK Helen Ball obtained her PhD in Biological Anthropology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 1992. Her undergraduate degree was in Human Biology, and her interests span both biology and anthropology. She established the Parent-Infant Sleep Lab at Durham University in 2000, … Read More

Phyll Buchanan – new RCT on Tongue Tie

Phyll is a Director of the Breastfeeding Network (BfN) which was founded in 1997 and offers breastfeeding support independent of any association with infant feeding products, and is proud to have helped set up this charity. She is a tutor/ supervisor and Supporter, and with colleagues has piloted an online training module for Helpline support. Phyll led on accrediting BfN … Read More