Evening events in previous years

It’s become customary over the past few years (The Breastfeeding Festival is in its 7th year now!) to have an evening event in the middle of the weekend of the festival.

In 2014 it was a Poetry Slam at The Eagle in the middle of Salford, featuring Hollie McNish and Inja, as well as other local talent. Hollie performed her acclaimed poem “Embarrassed” as well as other verses from her books. See “Embarrassed” here and “Breasts” here.

In 2015 it was an advance special one-off screening of the ‘based on a true story’ film Tigers for just 70 lucky ticket holders, in a converted social club in the middle of an estate in North Manchester – see here – with special guests Mike Brady from Baby Milk Action and Dr Diamond Emmanuel, the Paediatrician portrayed in the film.
Tigers 3  Tigers 2  Tigers 1

Sadly in 2016 we were not able to pull off the fabulous plan we had so no evening event happened, but we have plans for 2017 which will be announced as soon as we can.