Jenny Clarke – Skin to Skin in all maternity settings


Jenny has agreed to speak for us again in 2017 – we are really thrilled because from feedback it’s one of the very well received talks!

Jenny says:

I am a clinical midwife and passionate that all newborns are given skin to skin contact at birth. Through social media I have spread the word about the value of skin to skin for newborns who are born by caesarean section. I tweet as @JennyTheM and blog on

The community of NHS workers united on Twitter has enabled those who work within a health care setting to share knowledge, gain information and change practice in many aspects of service provision. This includes midwifery, all genres of nursing, dementia care, breastfeeding peer supporters, pharmacy, medicine and more importantly service users, women, families and support networks.

My approach is very much as a ‘positive deviant’ by trying to find ways around practice issues and questioning traditional ways of working. My philosophy of care encompasses kindness, compassion and positivity – which is shown through my presentations which involve audience participation and music – and I try to encourage those who hear me, leaving them inspired and empowered.

Watch a film I took part in  HERE and follow me on Twitter via @JennyTheM for all things compassionate, caring, and skin to skin!


In June 2015 issue of Practising Midwife there’s an article “Achieving Skin To Skin contact in theatre for healthy newborns” by the wonderful Suyai Steinhauer and me – I hope it helps all those working in the maternity care setting to question practice within your place of work