Phyll Buchanan – new RCT on Tongue Tie


Phyll is a Director of the Breastfeeding Network (BfN) which was founded in 1997 and offers breastfeeding support independent of any association with infant feeding products, and is proud to have helped set up this charity. She is a tutor/ supervisor and Supporter, and with colleagues has piloted an online training module for Helpline support. Phyll led on accrediting BfN training with the Open College Network London Region and has completed a L4 Internal Quality Assurance Award.

Phyll is also a Director of Baby Milk Action who do such important work protecting us from the harms of misleading marketing by the baby feeding industry.

Her passion is in understanding and communicating evidence to make informed decisions, having completed an MSc in Evidence-based Health Care in order to develop research skills. Before that she was seconded to the Department of Health from 2008-2011, job sharing the role of Infant Feeding Best Practice Advisor.

Phyll will be presenting on the new RCT on Tongue Tie at the 2018 festival.