Breastfeeding Festival June 2015. 13   Breastfeeding Festival June 2015. 44

The Breastfeeding Festival is all about celebrating and promoting breastfeeding, aiming to increase breastfeeding rates and duration, as well as to inform and empower. 

The 2018 Breastfeeding Festival will be held Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th June, in the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. This is our 9th Year.

Topics this year include ‘Breastfeeding Past Infancy’, ‘Stories from Sunderland’s NHS Tongue Tie Clinic Audit’, ‘Microbes, Breastmilk Composition and Evolution’, ‘Breastfeeding and Medication’, and many more. We will also have other activities as well as our fabulous stall holders.

Tickets for the 2018 Festival are now on sale! 

The Breastfeeding Festival is a NOT FOR PROFIT and all committee members are volunteers: no one involved in the running of the festival takes any income from it. All income in the form of ticket sales and memberships is ploughed back into the festival.

See some pictures and feedback from the 2017 event in Manchester.



Images of the 2017 festival courtesy of Tara Leach Photography.

Speakers at the 2017 Festival included:

Why ‘Fed’ Is Not Best, Breastfeeding and Medication, Colostrum Banking for Women with Diabetes, Normal Term Breastfeeding, and Skin to Skin in All Birth Situations.

Tickets for The Breastfeeding Festival are per household and purchasers should be aware that they may need to provide proof of residency when checking in to the festival.


This year’s festival, in 2018, will mark the first year of the festival in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. This followed four years in Manchester, and four years in Ulverston, South Cumbria, before that, where it was wholly funded by Bumps and Babies Sales held in Ulverston, the original home of the Breastfeeding Festival.