We aim to make this event as accessible as possible, so while we have to charge entry to cover the cost of the venue and some expenses for some of our non-local speakers, the entrance fee is kept down to an absolute minimum for you.

Online ticket sales for the 2018 Festival on 23rd and 24th June are available now!

Breastfeeding Festival June 2015. 13

The Breastfeeding Festival is about celebrating and promoting breastfeeding, aiming to increase breastfeeding rates and duration.

This year the Breastfeeding Festival will be held at the Education Centre in the Royal Infirmary in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne for the first time.

The main room accommodates 146 people and tickets are sold PER HOUSEHOLD so it is possible that not all attendees will be able to be accommodated in the main room for the talks. There are plenty of other things to see and do at the festival, with children’s activities and stalls and so on around the venue.

Some of the stalls will have things for sale, some with special discounts for the event, so if you’d like to buy on the day, do remember to bring cash as many of the stallholders will not be able to take cards. 

This is an all-day event but there is plenty of catering on site and we have scheduled plenty of breaks in which to eat food you have bought on site or brought with you – there are plenty of seating areas and there are lots of things to see.